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Students Start Mapping Cosmic Rays and Solar Wind with LUCID

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A satellite experiment to study cosmic rays and the solar wind that was devised by school students is now successfully collecting data in space. LUCID, the Langton Ultimate Cosmic ray Intensity Detector, uses particle detectors from CERN to study the radiation environment in low Earth orbit. 16-year old Cal Hewitt, from the Langton Star Center,

  • Our Sun as seen by the SWAP instrument on board ESA's SSA mission, Proba-2, on 31 October 2014. (ESA/ROB)

ESA’s Proba-2 celebrates: Five years in space

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ESA's Proba-2 celebrates five years in orbit today. From technology demonstrator to solar observatory and now space weather platform, the mission has provided triple value to European scientists. The second PRoject for OnBoard Autonomy mission was launched in 2009 as part of ESA’s programme for proving new technology in space. Orbiting at about 725 km,