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Subaru Telescope Observers Superflare Stars with Large Starspots

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A team of astronomers has used the High Dispersion Spectrograph on the Subaru Telescope to conduct spectroscopic observations of Sun-like "superflare" stars first observed and cataloged by the Kepler Space Telescope. The investigations focused on the detailed properties of these stars and confirmed that Sun-like stars with large starspots can experience superflares. The team, made

Prepare for second round of monster sunspot 2192

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Composite Map of Far and Near Solar Hemispheres. Line-of-sight magnetic field in the Sun's near hemisphere is rendered in blue-gray, in Gauss. Seismic map of the Sun's far hemisphere is rendered in yellow. The far-side seismic image maps a phase shift between solar acoustic noise with periods of about five minutes embarking into the

NASA Observatory Captures Largest Sunspot In More Than 20 Years

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A monster sunspot big enough it can be easily seen by a properly shielded naked eye, is brewing what strong solar storms. Sunspots are active regions in the solar surface that look like dark spots. They are caused by intense magnetic activity and can cause flares and coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, which are known


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The lifespan of a typical sunspot is two to three weeks. This one is about to turn three months! Carried around by the sun's 27-day rotation, AR1990 is making its third transit of the visible solar disk. In previous apparitions it was known as AR1944 and AR1967. Each time it has appeared, the sunspot has